An Open Source Lightweight Library to Instantly Process Data as Java Streams

JPA streamer


JPA(Java Persistence API) specification lets you define which objects should be persisted, and how those objects should be persisted in your Java applications. JPA is considered the standard industry approach for Object to Relational Mapping (ORM) in the Java Industry.

Quarkus : Supersonic Subatomic Java


Microservices is now a common term with every software development workspace. Let me remind you, in the simplest definition of what microservice is:

1. Always Select Opened File

Selecting “Always Select Opened File” automatically shows current file in the file tree on the left side. Handy especially in large projects.

Select Opened File.

2. Column Selection Mode

This is one of the cool thing when doing…

Streams and Streams !!!

Dockerize spring boot apps with jib plugin.

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